Back in 2012, I noticed that there was a great influx of Twitter-users using a hashtag called #jobfairy in search of jobs in Ireland.

Seeing its potential to help others, I came up with the idea Irish Job Fairy a Twitter account that would share jobs with those who were looking for work.

A pet-project, I’ve been running the Twitter account on my own, trawling through job listings in my spare time and sharing ones that might be of interest to my followers. Soon after its birth, I set up the Intern Fairy, that focuses entirely on internships in Ireland.

As of early 2015, I’ve accumulated 22,000 followers on Twitter (Irish Job Fairy and Intern Fairy combined) and over 5,000 likes on Facebook.

A jobseeker myself, I’m so grateful that people have been sharing the links I tweet out and share – I feel like it’s so important to help others.

I hope that the Irish Job Fairy has helped someone out there to find work.

If you know of any jobs going, or if you would like me to post job vacancies for your organisation, please send them to irishjobfairy[at]gmail[dot]com or tweet me @irishjobfairy

For paid internships please tweet @internfairy


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